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OK, so if I'm getting this "nutty fracas", two academic bloggers got into a spat, a defender of Blogger A reported the spat to Blogger B's dissertation advisor (whose identity was revealed on B's site), and now B is desperately trying to determine A's identity (complete with "threat matrix" of universities in Toronto, where B thinks A is located). B's motive: commencing a(seemingly frivolous) lawsuit.

Owwwwe kaaaay ....

One sort-of interesting thing about this is that if I recall correctly, information theory was developed or significantly advanced during WWII to deal with a similar situations invcolving misdirection and the like - for example, how to attack selected Japanese convoys without revealing that the US had broken their code. Or at least that's what Neal Stephenson tells me. Given that Blogger B's site is called "info theory," I suppose we could have expected that he'd find it hard to resist the opportunity to ply his trade.

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