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If Posner thinks it's "one-time-fits-all" then he's made a silly premise. You don't come out of school knowing all you need to know. So when you land in the real world a lot of your reading, even on a project for a client, ought to be regarded as professional development--and I think implicitly we do regard it this way. The partner ought to be speedier than the associate. In the manner of a mortgage, the proportion of the work that goes to the client goes to 100% as apprentice matures into the journeyman or senior partner. Because hours means little without know whose hours one is talking about, I suppose Posner must have had at least half in mind the legal scenario that the brief in question was addressing. Consciously or unconsciously he would have said to himself "Well this is a no-brainer, so a partner would do it in 1 and a new associate in 20 but no industry reasonably bills for the number of hours its apprentices take to do things: Call it 13"

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