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Belle Lettre

Thanks for blogrolling me! I love your blog--I am reading through your old posts, and am finding your writing most interesting and insightful. I also enjoyed your comments over at Concurring Opinions.

One of my good friends is getting her MFA in Poetry, and another in Fiction, so you are definitely one of the cooler blawgers out there!

I'll be sure to blogroll and read you regularly. Thanks for stopping by my lil' ol place in the woods.


Glad to see you're back! I totally agree - if the standard is uncontroversial, the interpretation should be uncontroversial as well. The "purports to prohibit" does seem unnecessarily snide, and I suppose one could believe that the drafters needed the extra wiggle room provided by the "purports to" because it is not clear that compliance with the standard would comply with such state laws, but even so, the criticism seems weak.

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